over night ohhhats


Over. Night. Oats. Just like it sounds but with an extra Ohh daamn. I usually make these the night before I work at 6am so A.) I don't die by 8am and B.) I'm not consuming straight caffeine before I say my first words of the day. 

Then I mix these things together:

  • 1 + 1/2 cup of oats 
  • vanilla almond milk (to favoured consistency, I like it thick) 
  • a heaping scoop of plain greek yogurt
  • some vanilla 
  • A few drops of stevia 
  • option to add a scoop of protein powder (I need it these days so I put it in (heyyoo) I get the Vanilla Kaizen whey from Costco)

And then I put a few big spoonfuls of the mix on the raspberries.

   And Then I cut pineapple on top of that, boom second layer:  

And Then more oat mixture + the final layer of my moms homemade canned peaches + cinnamon. 

and no and then. Voila, It goes in the fridge and it will be ready before I am..