I've had some amazing conversation with some amazing people the last little while and this has come up time and time again; I must share. Boundaries.  

When conflict and difficulties come up in life, it's best resolved by being open and honest in your relationships, about your job, with your family & friends, the people you care about, wouldn't you say?             But wait, we gotta back up a few steps - the real thing is actually to be open and honest with yourself. In my experience this is the hardest part. Everything is perception so I'm choosing to see this "hard part" as a place of growth.  It's time to get clear with ourselves about the personal boundaries we set in all aspects of our life. It's a process.... a long one... a challenging one at times... but a worthwhile one. It's time to have the hard conversation with yourself about where the boundaries are crossed and messing with your growth. Then it's time to have the hard conversation with the people who these boundaries are shared with. For me, it's work and life outside work. I can openly typetalk about this because I'm enrolling people in my life about this. I'm starting to create more defined lines around my schedule, when I'm available, when I'm not, and being 1000% okay with it. I have been running wild for a good chunk of time; saying yes to most everything and being here and there and everywhere. Letting the lines be blurred between work and time with my family and friends, and it's best described as just that - blurry. If I continue this wild running, I'd be face down in the dust, exhausted and uninspired. I'm letting this be a stopping of the wheels before I get to the edge. and it feels damn good. When my "no" gets more clear, my "yes" get more powerful. My "no" has just as much punch as my "yes" boom. pumped.

It's like standing up for yourself.. against yourself because you've gotten there somehow right? Fortunately, you are the one person in this world that can create this in your life. Up until now I was waiting for someone else to do it... then I'm like wait a second, all its gonna take is getting super honest with myself about what I want to do and how.

The coolest part? you feel better. and that's what this is all about dont'cha think?

I hope this inspires you to look at your own life, create more boundaries around your yes and your no, what you get shooed into and whether or not you really want to do that thing.

when in doubt: think about it, have a nap, talk to your mom and then take the step!



these are two of my favourite photos from the weekend:

HBD BRIZZY! lol at Kait peeking through. 

I love Knox Mountain, best served with wine and gals.