Emotional Wake Up Call.


It's time.  

We need to wake up.

This society. This culture. This world.

We need an emotional wake up call. It's starts with you and me. By doing this we will add to a culture of more understanding & less judgement, more love & less hate, more compassion & less shame, more inquiry & less finger pointing

Humans are the best at pointing fingers. Us females seem to find every single way every other female is doing it wrong and how to be better and have the best stuff and look the best and be the coolest and have the most followers and likes and the best looking man and and and... you get the point. Guys are the first one to call each other out for being soft and to hardenTFU. What if we ALL just calmedTFD? Girls, lets lift each other up - stop calling each other out & shaming each other for every reason you can find. You're doing it just fine, I promise.. you're actually killing it.

Guys, wake up and get in touch with yourself.  Tell your girl how you feel, tell your mom and dad you love them. Step up. Be confident in what you have to offer this world. Oh but wait there's another layer to this: The way we interact with others in our life + the way we interact with ourselves are mirrors of each other.

When we play small, we are camping out in our small mind. When we live in our small mind, we literally live small... like camping in a tent and sleeping with the fly on so you can't see the brilliant stars and world of nature around you. This is the place where you're cozy in your sleeping bag, where your life is comfortable and seemingly easy... and trust me, it is easy - I've been in & out & in there. It's easy to coast. It's easy to go with the flow. Playing small is more dangerous than living a life of fulfillment and passion. It's scarier to bust out of your tent in the middle of the night to hunt down shooting stars. Living unconventionally takes guts. Determination. Commitment. Risk. Ohh the risk.. But the benefit is so much bigger than you or I could imagine.

I will be forever grateful of this reminder to myself.

This is one of those places where I need to take my own advice. Take the risk. Do the thing that others won't because I want to do it more than I fear failing. It's a constant waterfall; it slows then it rushes; it doesn't stop and it's persistent. Sometimes you're the water and sometimes you're the rock beneath. Either way you have an affect on shaping this earth. Why aren't you rising up? Why aren't you taking the chance to fall over the edge and have an equal chance to create change? Let us play big. Let us be game changers. Let's go there. Communities are strongest in numbers. Culture is created by community. Be part of this community of change, the culture of change. Stand up for something and let your passion pour out of you. Passion is contagious and we need more of it in this world. Do your part - wake up emotionally.

full of analogies today, Xx rozzer