fuelling for movement.

I feed my body what it needs for what I need it to do.. which is movement. a lot of movement. I'm on the go all the time and from what I hear, so is everybody else! Let's get one thing really clear here: the way I feed my body is different than the way you feed your body. Want to know why? mine is mine and yours is yours. The concept of what I feed it is the same but the timing might be different.. and the amount. "roz what do you eat?" I always have a hard time answering that one because it's always changing. One day, I'll be on the go so I'll literally snack all day, in between clients, in my car on my way to my next class and my short breaks at home. Then another day, I'll have larger gaps in my day so I'll be able to have actual sit-down meals. You might have a totally different schedule and things going on so how can we eat the exact same things.

I love guidelines. No rules, just guidelines. Kind of like the yellow and white lines on a highway. You can drive your care more on one side of your lane versus closer to the middle line... you're still driving forward and you're still in the lane. Guidelanes if you will.

1. eat when you're hungry - what if I'm hungry all the time roz? then I'll ask you what you're eating which leads me to...

2. eat whole foods closest to their natural state - this means real and raw, just like you like your friends. if you're actually eating more foods in the most natural state you won't be hungry every second of every day.

3. eat until you're about 80% full - seriously, this is a game changer. it takes time for your brain to get signals from your guts saying it's had enough - it's around 20 minutes for me, give or take. in this amount of time you digest. after that time if you're still hungry, eat a little more. if you're full, you're gold.

4. eats carbs. eat protein. eat healthy fats. 

5. move your body in a way that feels good - what if I hate moving or I'm injured or or or? go back to #1-4 and you'll be fine, just know that moving is really good for ;)


with love, xx


remember.. eat better, not less. 

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