what's leading your feeding?

Eating has always been one of my favourite things to do. I used to be the pickiest eater and then I used to eat anything and everything. I ate McDonalds in middle and high school, I'd eat white bread and pasta, seriously... anything went.

Now, it's different. Sometimes I eat burgers with fries at Central and wings on Wednesdays. Sometimes I have dessert. Sometimes I put International Delight in my coffee... you might be like WHAT THE? She's a trainer, she can't have those things!!! Heyyoo, guess what. She's a human, I'm a human. I make choices just like you. I don't eat these things all the time. I eat them when I want. When I know I'm in control of my choice, I also enjoy them more. I don't give treats power over me. I let happiness, joy, sweat, gratitude, compassion have power in my experience of living life. try it on, you never know how it could flip your perspective.

FoodieRoz Huber