did someone say supper!

supper is simple. no need to complicate it.
veg, protein, carbs. every damn time.

  • quinoa with braggs soy sauce, green lea lettuce and veg salad, baked chicken
  • quinoa salad, bbq chicken, steamed carrots
  • toasted tuna melt on squirrely bread -- with chopped celery/red pepper/white onion
  • brown rice, veggie stirfry, garlic + coconut oil prawns
  • white rice + veggie stirfry, lean beef meat balls
  • brown rice pasta + lean turkey spaghetti sauce, steamed broccoli
  • baked yams, chicken with garlic + Mrs.Dash, spinach and veg salad
  • homemade chilli + a piece of Dave’s Killer Bread (from Costco.. so good)
  • scrambled eggs + chicken or turkey bacon, #breakfastforsupper #ftw
  • whole wheat spaghetti + pesto, sautéed cauliflower and broccoli
  • arugula+spinach salad with any veg left in the fridge + quinoa + hard boiled egg + nuts
  • baked salmon with lemon and dill, rice and steamed veggies
  • brown rice pasta + pesto, mashed cauliflower with sea salt + back pepper
  • veggie burger wrapped in lettuce, baked yam fries
  • quinoa pasta + lean ground turkey + pesto, sauteed cabbage/onion/mushrooms with Mrs. Dash

also, I make custom meal plans -- let me hook you up with all the goods!






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