we are the same.

we're all humans.

there's a gap between us believing that we're all One and actually living like it.

guess what? we all have these things in common:

  • we breathe the same air.
  • we walk the same earth.
  • we eat the same food.
  • we came from a woman.
  • we will be visited by death.

those are pretty significant things, no?

why are we constantly growing the space between each other then?

start to close the gaps in your mind. get acquainted with the cracks in your heart. get close to people. like really close. get to know them. get to know them like the back of your own hand. be kind and so so compassionate. hold people extra tight. hug them long. look at their eyes. try to see their soul + understand. no need to make them into anything else. just understand. let their decisions be their own. respect the humanity that lives in both of you. embody what you want to see in this world. let go of control. above all else, love more fully.