back ON it!

hiiii, happy Tuesday.

I've heard all the feels.

"I just can't get motivated"
"I feel so damn sluggish"
"I ate everything and drank all the drinks this holiday break"
"I can't possibly get back into routine, I've been out of it too long"
"What if I die"

guess what?

same here.


these are all the things. all the reasons. all the stuff that has you feeling sticky as you resurrect yourself out of the holiday season and back to real life.......


our life isn't happening yesterday. It's most certainly not happening tomorrow. It's definitely not happening 3 months from now or next summer when the sun comes back. It's happening now. And this will humble me until I leave this planet.

Our lives are happening now. No need to worry about over indulging over the break. You ate what you ate. You drank what you drank. You overdid what you overdid. And guess what you can do about that? Nothing.

Except today. Accept today. You can do something today. You can do something right now. You have the power to get back on it. Go work out. Go hike somewhere you've never been and bundle up! Call your friend and hit a class together. Run to your moms house. Power walk with your kid in the stroller. Pull your hubby off the couch and go for a walk around the block. No worries about before. Get back into your routine and don't wait. For the love of god if there is one, don't wait and definitely stop beating yourself up. Your life is going by. No sense in fretting about your past behavior. You only have Now. Start small and make some good positive change.

You Can.