happy L O V E day

happy valentines day. happy Tuesday. happy love day. happy day.


today is valentines day on the calendar. it's the 14th. this day came from way back and I don't know the full story on St. Valentine and the arrows and all the details... what I do know is love is universal to all of us as human beings. being loving is something we all have in common. we know how to show love. we know what to do to make others feel loved. we all know love in some form. for each of us, love will look different. for each of us, love will feel different when it's personally expressed and when it's fully received. the bottom line: this is one thing that we all have in common. we all have a beating heart. we have the capacity for loving tendencies. we all have the ability to show up lovingly. it's up to us to express love in such a way that it's felt by the people we run into, the people we talk to, the people we choose to spend time with.. the people we love. it's everywhere. you must look for it in certain situations, you will see it blindingly in others.

today and all the days,
love the ones you love and be open to loving the in between moments that make you wonder.


big hugs and all the cheek kisses xx,