I listened to this podcast with Mel Robbins + it was really inspiring. I love podcasts on roadtrips + I do some of my best thinking on roadtrips. Things that inspire me get my thoughts going in a new way and that's the sh!t I love. 

The bottom line is this: we spend a lot of time trying to manipulate our feelings. We're trying to change the way we feel about certain circumstances that may seem unfavorable. The other bottom line is: we can't control our feelings.

The other other bottom line: We can change our thoughts. That's for real really. When we change our thoughts about an unfavorable circumstance we shift into an empowered state. We literally create a place of higher possibility for ourselves when we decide to change our thoughts.

THE BEST PART: if we change our thoughts, our feelings also change. This is way more effective in softening the situation in your mind and in reality. 


Whether your boyfriend or girlfriend just broke up with you or you lost your job or you're going into your least favourite yoga pose or work projects are stacking up or your family is challenging, try changing your thoughts about it and see your feelings change!


happy thursday wherever you are, 
I hope there's sunshine where you are and if there's not, I hope you feel it in your heart anyways