Spring IN!

It's Tuesday May 2.

Spring is in the air. You can feel it when you see the sunrise. You want to get out of bed and life very simply doesn't seem so hard.

It's the beginning of another month (pardon, where did the last 4 months go?) and boom we have a beautiful new season upon us as well. It's time to clean up our minds and physical environment. It only feels natural!

Start small this week, tidy your counters, put away your clothes and clean off your bathroom counter. Clean out your car and take it to the car wash. Then sit down with a paper and pen and write down the things you want to do this spring + summer - both personally and with the people who matter most to you.

take a moment today to feel good where you're at. feel grateful for this amazing city we get to live and hug your person extra tight just because you can.