alright team. here we go. now more than ever, I'm inspired + STOKED to share this retreat with you. I'll tell you a little secret about planning retreats - first, there is an idea about hosting a retreat and last there is the rolling out of the retreat and the time in between those two points =  the ABSOLUTE magic of it all. then the next magic happens once the date is here!

more secrets: right now I'm bursting-at-the-seams-excited to host you in Whistler because it's closer than it's ever been. the beginning leap of dropping retreat dates to give you guys an experience is a big one, and it seems like it was so long ago..... here we are now, August 28th, and the excitement is SUPER REAL.

there has been lots of thoughtful planning and endless love put into this weekend. my mama and I sat down one night in Joe Rich (yes, they are still evacuated and yes they are safe) a few weeks back and planned the weekend menu full of easy, delicious, homemade eats... with the help of @grantjake of course. then we got creative with what else to have while we are up there - what else other than Bean Scene Coffee Works coffee beans; special thanks to Charlotte at the downtown Bean Scene for the local love. Oh and kombucha, you like kombucha? how about Rise kombucha, ya we'll have that all weekend too! Were you worried if there will be wine? Same. Wine will be present and it's a surprise where from.... well sort of a surprise, I'm deciding what the best wine will be for this EPIC weekend.

oh there's more. yes. We are going for a special night out to Basalt in the heart of Whistler Village on Friday night. We are going to hike the Chief in Squamish on Saturday afternoon. There will be ample time to snuggle and hottub too, there's even an outdoor putting green WHATT!!?


Stay tuned for more and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, can't wait to have you!

sending you love, because monday.