New Year, Renew You 2.0


You want to connect to yourself, right? You want to link your body, mindset + life together? You want the secret, right? You want to feel a little badass too? You want to get out of our own way? You want to love more fully? You want to live wide open? You also want to be in ACTION towards your goals + aspirations, riight?! You want it now, don't you? Well then, here it is: this unique online wellness program gives you a rad opportunity to dive into every corner of your life AND get some really wicked help along the way. 

You + I will work through 40 days of magic together. Why 40 days? 
It takes 40 days to create new habits & your habits make your life + feed your outlook on your life. For some of you, these tools will be a simple reminder of how powerful they are. For others this might be something totally new. New Year, Renew You was a total hit in 2017. More than 30 people just like you wanted to discover the most refreshed version of themselves - This year we are taking it next level! I guarantee it.
New Year, Renew You 2.0 is 6 weeks + starts January 15th and runs through February 25th.
you ready?


-- what you get:




    + more

-- what each entail:

Nutrition Assistance:

  • step-by-step check list for meal prep days.
  • balanced, healthy eating meal plan.
  • grocery lists.
  • new recipes.
  • habit coaching related to food.

Tailored Workouts:

  • 6-week workout progressions - 3 interval training workouts per week.
  • at home or gym based. 
  • access to my private video bank of exercises.

Power Fuzion Videos:

  • Power Fuzion combines light weights with your breath + the flow of yoga.
  • hit your yoga mat with 6 easy-to-follow, 30 minute Power Fuzion sequences. 
  • each sequence is one of a kind.
  • this is a supplement to your interval training.

Breath Sessions:

  • not sure if meditation is something you can wrap your mind around? perfect. this is for you.
  • 7 minutes of guided daily breathing for you to get closer to what meditation could look and feel like for you.

+ more

  • inspiration-guided journaling component: weekly freestyle writing that will inspire you in ways you never thought possible.
  • intention/goal setting for this 6 weeks + your big-picture life. 
  • constant personal support from yours truly.
  • access to discounted private training/yoga - receive 15% off of any five or ten training packages/private yoga classes with me*


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deepen the connection to yourself
let this be a reminder of your badassness.


Your Self Investment:
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watch your thoughts, they become your words.
watch your words they become your actions.
watch your actions they become habit.
watch you habits, they become your character.
watch your character, it becomes your destiny. 
- ghandi


*25% discount applies to 5/10 training sessions + private yoga sessions only. scheduling of any session is based on availability at that time. sessions expire in 1 year from purchase date.*