guess what? there are no guarantees in life. ever. 

it can feel blinding because we love certainty as human beings. we love knowing what's next. we want to know it all. we want to see into the future and know what something might look like down the road. we want to know why something is happening and how it might change before it actually changes. In my experience, when I want to know all the answers right now, the actual answer evades me harder. 

there are no guarantees. nothing is for sure.

not in your job, not in your relationship, or your health or your friends and family. all we can do is trust; trust ourselves that we are making the best decision for ourselves in the moments that come to us. Also in my experience, when I trust myself enough to make a decision from the heart, everything turns out exactly like it's supposed to despite what you think it "should" turn out like.

trust your gut. trust your instinct. know inside. operate from love and you'll never go wrong. 





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