isn't it funny how we think we have time? we think we will make time for someone we care about down the road. somewhere we'll find time to sit across from the person we love over dinner and listen closely to their stories. don't worry, we'll create our future later... no problem, I'll find time to hang with my girlfriends another time... I'll pay attention to my little humans just after I do this other thing...

how have we tricked ourselves into thinking we will be happier at some far way time from now?  or that we'll get the things done sometime in the days or months to come? I'll tell you why. because time is fleeting. it seems to always be slipping through our fingers. I get caught in this too. Wasn't it just June? How about September? Now we're at January 5th. WILD.

"I don't have time for that now... I'll do it later."
how often do we say this?!

life is Here Now so let's grab it by the horns and get in motion towards the things that truly matter to our hearts. people, places, passion, plants, practice, peanut butter, you know things that really MATTER haha

love you guys, and remember.. always make time for peanut butter..