undoing the doing

I will forever be undoing the doing. I will continue to deconstruct the pasts lessons and  unlearning the learning and conditioning from before. we weren't born knowing the things we have come to know now. we weren't born with the experiences we have been in. we weren't born with the beliefs we've grown to know as comforting and true. we've been conditioned through life until this moment. 

this moment.

this moment.

in one breath, it's amazing and in another, it's awful. either case, we learn from it. 

the best part? you get to choose what you hang on to and what you let go of. when you make the conscious choice to deconstruct what you currently know to be true, you are physically mentally emotionally spiritually making room for new foundations, experiences, thoughts, feelings and beliefs to take you forward. on the other side of this, when you choose to build on what you know to be true, that will continue grow. 

the road is long. this life is long. maybe. it could also be short. there are no guarantees.

pull yourself into every moment you're in and decide whether you need to deconstruct or start re-building or keep constructing. the thing is, you gotta decide one way or the other. whatever you choose, remember you're moving forward in that direction so be intentional.


sending you all the monday love,



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