work ethic.

work ethic. super loaded term. we used to get graded on work ethic in middle and high school and now.... we don't get graded. we actually look for ways to do the least amount of work and get the most return from it. we look for ways to get out of shit. we will find the path of least resistance. it's somehow ingrained into our human nature.

what if we started grading ourselves? like for real with no frills or sugar coating. what if we looked ourselves in the eye and told it like it was?

no dramatics. just to the point. super clear.

what is your true work ethic? the work ethic when no one is watching.. who are you when you're by yourself? how do you show up in life when you know you're the only one who would see or know? how did you get the job done?

whether it's fitness or work or eating habits or goals or taking care of yourself or a relationship or your yoga practice or meditation or emails or chores or or or.... it all comes down to work ethic and how you do the things that are seen as challenging.

the best part? you can work on your work ethic. bit by bit. moment by moment. day by day. you can work at bettering your work ethic to not only get the thing done effectively but feel good in your soul about how you did it.

"happiness isn't a what, it's a how"



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