DVSN Experience

This morning I went to DVSN on St. Paul….. a new gym in town with a lot of gritty vibes + it was AWESOME.


I’m going to tell you about it. it was a boxing/conditioning class.

I went into it with little to zero experience - I’ve dabbled in 30 minute hit and punched our heavy bag at home soooo I would hardly call that experience. I realized in any boxing or intense workout where I’m hitting anything, I have a lot of pent up frustration/anger that likes to come out. This is a PERFECT means to get that energy out of my body and clear space for renewed energy.

it was a tough class; we started out with some footwork paired with some shadow punching combos which I really appreciated because it got my brain and body connected to what we would do later with the heavy bags + gloves. I learned new combos of jab//cross//hooks and felt really worked which I love. There were pushups (OF COURSE), jump squats, burpees, planks, broad jumps and bear crawls incorporated between heavy bag sets ALL WITH YOUR GLOVES ON - it kept the focus and momentum through the class and I loved that. I detest waiting around, let’s GO!

anyways. it was overall fantastic and these dudes care a lot about what they do. they also know a lot. I’m stoked to try their jungle HIIT workout next and their membership/punch pass options are super reasonable.

wanna hit a class together?
email me + let’s SWEAT