your thoughts are not you

newsflash. your thoughts are not you. but wait, I think my thoughts, but those thoughts are not me? please send help…

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I remember thinking I could never do a pull up when I first started doing fitness classes. I had all the thoughts:
”my arms are too long”
”these long levers are such a challenge to a pullup”
”pullups are hard”
”pullups are for guys and I’m not a guy”

my god, it goes on and on and on.

then I started working at them! woah what a concept right? I used assisted pull up bands and added hops at the bottom and negatives at the top - YES THEY WERE/STILL ARE HARD HAHA. this is just one example of my thoughts are not me because since I started doing fitness, I’ve been capable of and have done pullups. My thoughts about that are null and void.

Another example:

“I will never find a guy who can keep up to me.”

I’ve thought this thought for pretty much my whole life leading up til about 2 years ago. Then voila, I found a man who I don’t actually need to keep up to me. He’s amazing and imperfectly perfect just as he is. and so am I. so that thought is also null and void, ie. not me.

There’s a thought that you and I can really jam with “I am perfect just the way I am” This is a positive thought that great things can come from.

The point of this is to be very clear about allowing your thoughts to run your life. Your thoughts generally guide your emotions and in turn your beliefs and therefore your habits/behaviours. You are not your thoughts, your thoughts are separate from the infinite potential and magic that you ARE.

ps. stop thinking so much