Importance of sport

Sports are where I did a lot of learning as a younger roz. I played basketball for years at the varsity level and it taught me equal parts of perseverance and how to be a good human being. Being on a team is something that not everyone gets a chance to do as a kid. Being on a team is not always something that was encouraged in your house. But I tell you what, the things that I've taken from being an athlete has served me in more places in my life than I could imagine. I know how to get sh!t done, now I'm learning to do it with more patience and presence. I've learned how to involve everyone, now I'm learning to push people out of their comfort zone. I learned how to give back, now I'm learning how to do that on another level that feels even better after gaining that perspective. I learned how to stay humble, now I'm using my voice to make a positive impact on my community and the world. I learned how to take criticism, and now I'm learning the ways in which I want to give constructive feedback to help everyone around me. 

Sports are important to develop life skills that you will take with you everywhere you go. You will take them into your workplace. You will take them into your relationships. And you will take them into your passion projects. These are important places to understand your value and hear your voice and for me, sports are where I got that. Keep playing for as long as you can.