life is full of polarities.
highs and lows of energy.
tired and rested days.
good and bad experiences.
success and failures. 

How do we make friends with both ends of the spectrum? How do we not function from a place that either end of the spectrum is wrong? It takes time, this I know. There is no one right way for each of us. Our work is to look at what works for us. 

If we know life is going to throw us curveballs as well as give us sweet moments too, maybe we would start looking at what's right in front of us and pay attention. Maybe we would just get present to what's right here and right now and not get caught up in the past or future stories. Perhaps we will take it all with a little grace and self-love. Maybe we just remind ourselves again and again that everything is shipped our way for us to learn and that we can handle anything that comes our way.