tuesday love letter


"I wanted to begin training with Roz because she has a bad ass personality, and lets get real, she has a bad ass bod. I figured if anyone could help me get some abs and a booty, it was her. However, as soon as I started training with Roz, I realized that she would be so much more than just a ‘trainer.’ She will make you want to dig deeper and push harder than you ever have, all the while being super encouraging. While training with Roz has made me physically stronger, it has worked wonders on my mental strength as well. I would recommend Roz to anyone I know, at any level of fitness. If anyone can make you realize you can do the things, it’s this lady right here. Thank you Roz for turning me in to an “I can" person, and letting me pick your brain about all things health and nutrition. You are literally the best."