I decided to reinvigorate my blog by writing about what’s in my brain at this moment of my life. I’ve been thinking about the change in seasons that’s coming. September. Fall. Winter. My 30th birthday coming in January. Lots of change and at the same time, everything’s the same. I’ve been thinking about how my training schedule is always in flux. Some week’s I’m slammed full and some weeks are a little more spacious. September always comes in hot for me. My clients want to get back to routine and I do too.

I’ve also been thinking about why my clients love training with me and I thought “well surely potential clients would want to know why my clients choose me too.” No one has asked me in an email or to my face “why should I choose you" but I’m almost certain that question crosses their mind when choosing a trainer. They might take a peak around my website, read about me and what I stand for and what I’ve come to understand is that people want the BEST. They want the best experience, the best personal trainer and hands down the best results to their short and long term goals. I decided to share why humans choose me to work with me:

  1. I listen - when you share your goals, long or short term, internal or external, I listen. I really love the term generous listening. I also really love the feel when people generously listen to me when I share so I know it’s a human thing that is appreciated across the board.

  2. I keep it light - is it possible to have fun and keep sessions feeling light and get some good work done at the same time… in my books thats a HARD YES. keeping it light keeps you focused on what you’re doing and who knows, maybe it makes burpees a little more enjoyable.

  3. I hold you accountable - don’t we all need accountability? I hold you to what you say you want to make happen. This is a BIG part of following through to make your goals and dreams a real life reality.

  4. I keep it real - I will never tell you there is a quick fix. I will tell you the real truth about hard work and if we pair that with #3, there is a recipe for an epic relationship between us.

  5. I care - you are a human first and foremost. this I understand because I also am a human. as humans we are hardwired to connect. I understand you have a life outside of your physical and mental goals, this is important because it gives us both a BIG PICTURE of what is actually happening in real time for you. I care about you. I want to connect with all parts of you, not just the person that shows up to train!

reach out to me if you want to start a conversation about what you want to make happen here!

all my love,


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