On the 5th Day of Christmas...


On the fifth day of Christmas, ROZ gives to you…..

My top 5 nutrition secrets on how to stay focused this holiday season PLUS $50 off a 2 week nutrition plan + coaching in the New Year!!!

  1. START YOUR DAY WITH FERMENTED FOODS AT BREAKFAST to promote healthy gut bacteria for the day! *bonus, have a warm lemon first FIRST thing.

  2. ONLY EAT UNTIL YOU’RE 80% FULL then take a breather. Whether you’re at a family dinner or your work’s Christmas party, give yourself 20 minutes to feel it out if you’re still hungry then have a little more or not.

  3. TRY A NEW HEALTHY RECIPE that offers substitutions for dairy, sugar, and salt. This is a fun way to mix it up and prove to yourself + friends that there are awesome recipes out there that ACTUALLY taste good.

  4. ONLY HAVE THE THINGS YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE - you know when you’re at a party and there’s a table full of options and you help yourself to a little bit of everything? Try just having the things that you LOVE because then you will fully enjoy them and leave behind the things that you’re just having because they’re in front of your eyeballs.

  5. MIX IN A WATER because you know why. If you’re out having a few adult beverages, mix the H2O in between each bev. This will keep you hydrated and perhaps LESSEN hangover death that seems to catch us all at least once this time of year.

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big love to you + your people,