Being born + raised in Kelowna has given me a rad opportunity to grow my roots down + spread them wide. After playing 5 years of university basketball & earning a degree in human kinetics, I dove into living #thesweatlife with the lululemon community. I started personal training, teaching yoga & group fitness. I coached, motivated and mentored the people I worked with day in and out. I began to understand what makes me tick amidst this beautifully full life, the people.



I personal train, teach private yoga classes and lead my very own GTFO yoga + adventure retreats. I work with people who are hungry to learn & grow in life and beyond the boundaries of the body. I coach people out of self-limiting habits + continue to lean into my own work as a means to encourage positive change everywhere I can.



I continue to expand & explore my own life for ways to keep sharing what I know to be true. I will grow alongside my partner, Grant, and I remain open to growing my circle of connections to include individuals who have similar values + challenge me to look at things differently. At the end of the day, I love my work + my family and I will keep pushing the envelope on what's possible in this life!