all the goods

“Roz, thank you for making everyone feel welcome and part of the group. There was apprehension in coming for many of us, I found out, but it was a good experience for everyone. I personally felt that the time over the weekend was so valuable to me, not just for peace and re-group in a hectic life, but personal growth and friendship. Thank you!”

“I felt really comfortable and was very impressed with all that was offered to us for drinks, food and comfort. The hat and wine and hair product and candle and special touches with flowers and name cards made me feel welcome and special” 

“Food was superb. Facility was fantastic. Great experience.”

“Beginning off. I must say Wow! It was almost like you new what I needed. I stepped out of my comfort zone. I felt the love through amazing food(Cindy!!) bonding with awesome people and of course yoga and hiking! This weekend will give me the strength in the crazy road ahead that life seems to give you sometimes. All the friends I have made and sharing their wonderful stories. My heart is full❤️”

“This weekend was the perfect space for me to decompress. Being in nature and amazing company was everything to me.” 

“Roz I feel refreshed! My Monday was great. I feel smooth and strong. I’m not just going through the motions I am living thoughtfully. Your vibe was equally fun as it was relaxing.”

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